When You’re Told No

When you’re told NO,
you must say NEXT.

One of the lessons I’ve learned from studying the business success of Sara Blakely is to not be afraid to put your product out there on display, even if you’ve been told NO.

For example, the distribution of my two books to bookstores like Barnes & Noble has been ok, but not great. In other words, many bookstores have said NO. When Sara didn’t get great product placement for Spanx, she would personally put her products near the check-out aisle.

Whenever I go into a bookstore and don’t see my books, I think “What would Sara do?”  This is why I always travel with my books. I take a book, sign it and then put them on display near the front. Then, I take a photo, post it on social media tagging the bookstore, asking someone to go get it. Does it make a difference?  No, not instantly. But I’m in this for the long haul. I’m looking for a big break, and I’ve discovered big breaks come over time from small actions.

How about you? Have you been told no lately? If so, how will you say NEXT? Who can you call? What can you do? Whatever you do, don’t let NO be the final word.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

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