Leaving the Harbor

“In order to discover new continents, you must dare to leave your harbor.”
— Anonymous

The people who get older but don’t seem to age are those willing to still be explorers. They appreciate where they’ve been while embracing the change to keep going, to keep growing. They choose to push away from the harbor looking up — not looking back.

Yes, there’s a season for the harbor. But when it becomes a port of safety and no longer a destination of potential, the harbor has chained you.

What if there’s more inside of you? (By the way, there is.) The way you discover this is pushing away from the harbor. To move toward the unknown. It’s how we find the known. It’s how you found the harbor you’re in. It was once a part of the unknown. You left one harbor for this. It was once a new continent. It helped make you who you are. But it might not make you into who you can be.

To discover a new continent, a new you, at some point, you must dare to leave the harbor.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

PS. If you’re trying to figure out what to do Next, it’s why I’ve written What to do Next.

What to do Next

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