We help you build a good name.

Influence. Credibility. Purpose. None of these happen by accident. You’re not just building your career, you’re building a good name. It’s why we’re here. We are FOR you and your good name.



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Find out if now is the time to make a career change.

Our FREE career risk calculator helps assess where you are and the steps required to get to where you want to be.

Online Leadership Courses

These courses were designed to grow your leadership potential and increase your influence.

The FOR Academy

Our online leadership academy designed to help you build your career and a good name by growing your leadership potential.

Group 293
Build and apply your skills with expert-lead courses and continued education opportunities
Group 294
Benefit from flexible, online training that works with your schedule
Group 295
Grow your profit and purpose at the same time
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You FOR The World

Deliver the best version of you to your world with 7 practical lessons.

Group 294
Watch a 7 step online course led by Jeff Henderson
Group 293
Apply your lesson immediately with the application guide
Group 295
Get lifetime access to course content and resources

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Career Risk Assessment

Determine if you’re ready for a career change with our free assessment.

Executive Coaching

This resource gives you intentional, one-on-one coaching that brings the best version of you to the world.

This will include:

1:1 Coaching

Strategy and Development Planning

Safe place to share and process ideas. 

How can we be FOR you today?