The Breakthrough Question

We’ve all been at a restaurant where the owner stops by and asks, “Is everything good?”  We’re all nice people and usually say, Yes, all is well.”

What happens next could be a breakthrough for that restaurant. Unfortunately, it rarely happens. It’s not just true for restaurants. It’s true for almost every organization.

The reason this rarely happens is that it takes courage from courageous leaders.

Ok, back to the restaurant. Rather than moving on, the courageous owner asks a follow-up question. It’s the breakthrough question: “Is there anything we could have done to make your experience better?”

This is a breakthrough question because we see and hear details about our business that are invisible to us. They are only visible to our customers.

This week, how could you begin to ask this question — not only of your customers but your co-workers as well?

It will take some courage because you might not like what you hear. But that’s who you are — a courageous leader.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

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