What To Do Next On AUDIO!

Often people tell me, “I’m not a reader.”

“That’s okay,” I’ll reply. “That just means you’re a listener.”

I’ve got good news if you’re a listener and you’re trying to figure out what to do next. My new book, “What to do Next: Taking your Best Step when Life is Uncertain” is available on Audible. And while I tried to get Morgan Freeman to record the audio version of the book, you’ll have to settle with me and my Southern accent.

Also, maybe you know someone who’s in this season and is also a listener. Give them some encouragement and send them the Audible link as a gift. As you know, there’s an ever growing audience of people who are searching for what’s next.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an article about this entitled, “You’re already moving toward your Next Career.” In it, the article had this quote: “More than two-thirds of Americans aren’t feeling engaged with their work, and job unhappiness is at a record high. Many are considering switching their careers altogether. Forget the Great Resignation. Millions of Americans are looking for a Great Reinvention.”

If that’s you, and you’re a listener, click hear and let me help you toward your next, great reinvention.

What to do Next on Audible

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson


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