Small Miracles

I’m trying to look closer.

Because they’re always there.

Small miracles.

There’s nothing small about miracles, but I often find myself more focused on the big ones.

You know the ones — praying for a friend who is sick to get better, for the big deal that will change everything to come through, for a broken relationship to be restored.

It’s happened before. But let’s be honest. There are times they haven’t, and if we’re keeping score, it seems like the big miracles happen far less than we ask for or hope.

When this happens, I can often miss the reality that there are miracles all around me.

Evidence that God is near, nearer than we think.

It’s why I’m trying to look closer, to look up, to look around.

When I look for the small miracles, I find them, in plain sight.

In the mornings, I can view the sunrise from my office. The fact that the sun is rising is no small miracle. It provides light for me to read advice from Solomon, one of the wisest leaders ever. The fact that I have his advice is no small miracle. And then I remember, the reason I have the book of Proverbs, and the Bible, is because there is a God who knows me, loves me and is for me.

None of this is small.
All of this is a miracle.
And it’s there for you too.

This week, keep praying for the big miracles — for the friend to be healed, the breakthrough to arrive and the relationships to be restored. But also this week, look closer, look up, look around for the seemingly small miracles that are already around you.

What you’ll discover, as I often do, is that as hard as this life can get, it’s still a gift. It’s still a miracle.

And there’s nothing small about that.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

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