Six Counterintuitive Leadership Strategies.

In a real-world sense, the strategies Jesus talked about in his now-famous Sermon on the Mount can be easy to dismiss. “Sounds good, but that’ll never work in the real world.” For example, take a look at His list:

1. Love your enemies.

2. Pray for those who persecute you.

3. Bless those who curse you.

4. Turn the other cheek.

5. Go the extra mile.

6. Give the shirt off your back.

Sounds good for Sunday morning but unrealistic for Monday morning, right?

So, as a result, the world has tried the opposite approach:

1. Hate your enemies.

2. Despise those who persecute you.

3. Curse those who curse you.

4. Strike back.

5. Do only what’s required.

6. Give as little as possible, surely don’t ever be overly generous.

That’s the real world, right? My question is, “How’s this working for us?”


Maybe the real world needs to change. This week, let’s be that change. Specifically, I want to encourage you to circle one of the six strategies that Jesus used and live it out in your world. Make it your goal to live out this one counterintuitive leadership strategy, this week. Then, circle another one for next week.

In a very real, small but tangible way, you’ll be a rebel with a cause. Living in a way that is foreign to a world that is desperately wanting these traits. They’ve just never seen it done. Now, thanks to you (and Jesus), they will.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

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