Never Would’ve Known.

Two years ago, I wasn’t quite sure how things would work out when I left a full time job. I wasn’t leaving for another company or job. I was moving toward an idea.

And while I love ideas, the bank won’t deposit ideas. (I’ve asked them.) Also, ideas don’t often come with health insurance.

But, life is too short not to take a risk, even if, in my case, you’re in your mid-50s.

Last week, I spoke 6 times in 3 different cities. Chances are, I never would have known many of the people I met at these events by choosing comfort and security.

Yes, pursuing what’s next will involve some sort of risk. But you can’t receive something new when your hands won’t let go of the ledge.

Sometimes, the greatest risk isn’t leaving. Sometimes, the greatest is staying.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

P.S. Before you take that leap though, develop a plan for what’s next by reading my new book.

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