A Halftime Adjustment.

It’s Halftime, the middle of the year. 

What if we approached July like we do January — you know, a fresh new start, resolutions, leaving the old behind while ringing in the new.

Before July 1 arrives, I have a self-leadership exercise for you. Treat July 1 like January 1 by spending some time thinking through these 4 questions:

1. Where did I gain momentum? How can I sustain and increase it?

2. Where did I lose momentum? What is one change or action I can take to begin to experience momentum in this area?

3. What were my Top 3 memories of the first half of the year?

4. What 3 memories do I want to create in the second half?

Bonus Question: What is one area you would want me to pray about for you in the second half of the year?  Just hit reply and let me know.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

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