Don’t Do This With Data.

In times of uncertainty, we often look for answers. It’s why many of us rely on data, and at times that makes sense.

However, there is a danger.  Data can provide clues and insights, but rarely is data the answer.

Data can inform but it should never lead.

Data can let us know how we’re doing.  It doesn’t necessarily tell us what we should be doing.

That’s the role of the leader, and the leadership team.

Often, data and the intuition of the leader are at odds.  The wise leader looks to glean insights from the data but understands the ultimate goal is to be true to the vision, not the data.

This is more art than science, more nuance than spreadsheet.  It’s why being crystal clear on your vision is far more important.

What problem are you and the team trying to solve for those you serve? What problem in the world bothers you so much you want to do something about it?

These are leadership questions. They help clarify your vision.  Then, pick up the data tool and start looking for insights on how you’re doing solving these problems. But don’t get the two mixed up.

Data is an Informer but it’s a bad Leader.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

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