Sign Your Name

Let’s take a moment to think about December 31, 2023. One year from now. What’s one accomplishment you want to have experienced when you arrive there?

I know, sorting them down to one is difficult. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most important one — just one that you can measure and would make a difference. And yes, you can have more than one but for this exercise we’re going to stay with just one.

Is it something with your health? A financial goal? Is it fighting for your emotional health? Starting a project you’ve put off for far too long?

Whatever it is, pick one and then write it down. Don’t take too long thinking through it. The longer you think the more rational you’ll become.

This is the time to dare to dream, to stretch yourself while also creating personal accountability. And I want to help. Here’s how.

Once you’ve decided what your one accomplishment is, write it in the space below, sign your name, take a photo of it and text me the photo. (You don’t have my cell phone number? That must mean you haven’t purchased one of my books. Both of them have my cell number in there.)

Then, I will respond with my One Thing so that you can hold me accountable and cheer me on in the year ahead.

I, ________________________, will accomplish the following by December 31, 2023.


Signed: _____________________________________________________________

Again, after you’ve signed this, take a photo of it and text me. I promise to respond with mine as well.

Don’t think too long about this. Don’t debate whether you’re going to do it. Do it now.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

PS. If you don’t have my cell phone number, click here to get it along with my new book, What to do Next.


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