The Scary, First Step

2023 is the year you’re going to make the move.

It might be something professionally or personally but whatever the move entails, you’ve decided the time has come.

With any next journey, there is always that first step.

And usually, that first step is a scary one.

You’re stepping off the pathway you’ve been on. You’re leaving behind the familiar path and stepping into tall grass. There isn’t a well-worn path to follow. Your routine and rhythms change and it takes a while to plow through the brush of uncertainty and change.

None of that happens though without that first, brave new step.

Some of you took that step in 2022. Congratulations. Some of you are working through the Career Risk Assessment on my website, doing the hard work of getting to a green light in order to make that move. Wherever you may be, as you take that first new step I want to send you some questions that will most likely come your way. (They did for me.)

* Is it always going to be this hard?

* When will this start to feel comfortable?

* How do I manage my doubts?

* Where do I find the balance between my professional and personal life, (especially if I’m starting something on my own?)

There’s a lot more I could say on this which is why I’m hosting a Q&A this Thursday on my Instagram channel @jefferyhenderson, at Noon EDT.

If you have questions as you’re trying to figure out what to do next, join me, request to be included and I’ll do my best to get to you and your question.

First, all of these are normal questions. In fact, if you’re not asking these questions in some form or fashion, that’s probably concerning!

When we’re moving to what’s next, there’s the usual mixture of excitement, intrigue and fear. When we encounter difficulty along the way, our brains try to convince us to flee — something’s wrong, move away! This is often why some people return to where they left. It’s just more familiar there.

It’s why we have to remember, if what’s next is hard, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s a sign you’re growing.

Keep moving forward.

Discomfort is the price for growth.

All of which leads me back to the questions above:

* Is it always going to be this hard? It never gets easy but it becomes less difficult if you’ll keep moving forward. Trust me.

* When will this start to feel comfortable? Honestly, it’s been two years since I ventured into this new season of Next, and I can’t say I’m completely comfortable because I’m encountering something new as I continue to build a business. And as this feeling of discomfort (or whatever it is) continues, I’ve slowly begun to embrace it because I realize it’s helping me grow the business and more importantly, grow me.

* How do I manage my doubts? Don’t ask if it’s working. Ask, “What am I learning?” Don’t be a critic of yourself. Be an investigator taking on the mind of a learner. As John Maxwell says, “You’re never good the first time you do something.” Give yourself a break and stop listening to the doubts.

* Where do I find the balance between my professional and personal life? This is a seasonal question. For example, my first year in this season I said yes to every speaking engagement. Next year, I am cutting back on speaking and saying yes a good bit less in order to strike a better balance. The reason I’m able to do that is because of the business we’ve built in order to provide margin.

Again, there’s a lot more to say which is why I’m hosting a live conversation Thursday on Instagram. It’s FREE by the way.

Most of all, when you realize you’re not alone, that scary first step becomes a little less daunting.

Hope to see you Thursday.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

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