After The Diploma

Chances are you know someone who’s about to graduate. One of the best gifts you can give that graduate is some helpful advice on what to do next.

It’s why we’ve created a free, 30-minute webinar to help parents, grandparents, friends of graduates, and of course the graduates themselves. It’s called, “After the Diploma: Coaching your Graduate on What to do Next.”

Here’s what we’ll cover:

* The first 5 steps to take after graduation.

* How to give your graduate confidence about the future.

* What to do when you don’t know what to do.

Join me on Wednesday, April 26th at Noon EDT. It’s free but we need you to sign up at this link:

Click Here to Sign-Up

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

PS. A win-win for you and your graduate is to purchase What to do Next as a Graduation Gift.

What to do Next

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