The Great (Pastoral) Resignation

Over the last two years, I’ve heard from pastors who are thinking of stepping down and doing something different.

That, in fact, was my story in 2020.

It’s often a complicated decision because of the calling we felt when we first got into ministry.

It’s why I think it’s helpful to understand two important distinctions about a calling.

Some callings are for a lifetime. Some callings are for a season.

I’m called to a lifetime of pastoring people. I was called to a season of pastoring at Buckhead Church.

I’m called to a lifetime of following Jesus. I was called to a season of pastoring at Gwinnett Church.

There’s a difference in those callings.

Before I made the decision to leave the church, my counselor reminded me, “Your calling goes with you. You aren’t leaving it behind. It will be in a different context but it will look the same.”

In these 2 short years, I have seen her words come to life over and over again. For example, I want to encourage business leaders and to be a pastor to pastors.

That’s a new, seasonal calling but it’s built on a lifetime of one. I write this not to encourage pastors in our email community to leave. I write this to free you from the “calling guilt” some may throw your way.

Eventually, every calling at a specific church comes to an end. Some callings are for a season. Some callings last a lifetime.

It’s helpful not to get the two confused.

FOR You,
Jeff Henderson

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