Welcome to JeffHenderson.com
Shakopee Mayor - Jeff Henderson JeffHenderson.com originally began as a campaign information site for my 1997 effort
to be re-elected Mayor of Shakopee Minnesota. While the re-election effort proved
unsuccessful, the website was extremely well received and a fun exercise in web

After a while, I took down the website but kept the domain with the idea that I would
someday create a business or family website. With help (and some prodding) I found
the time - and this site is re-born!
The intervening years have been filled with focusing on my career in business
application development. My work centers on using the web as a business tool
beyond the "online sales" model. Making information resources and systems available
to customers and employees anywhere, anytime, is a powerful and exciting challenge.

A majority of the sites I have created are restricted applications that I cannot provide
access to, but I do have a few links here to some public websites and overviews
of web-based applications I've designed and built.
Jeff at work
Jeff and Em's Wedding - December 1999 My life is not just filled with work. I met, and married, a most wonderful woman - Em ♥
Em is a fantastically talented website designer and graphic artist who has created
many beautiful sites on the internet and helped me build just about every website I've
done - including the original JeffHenderson.com and this new version.

I am also blessed with my two kids - Kim and Chad. Kim and her husband Tom
have brought three beautiful grandkids (Lottie, Jake and Luke) into our lives,
while Chad is still looking for the perfect girl in Florida.
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